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Used Labeling Machinery: Hidden Costs You Did Not Know About

Used Labeling Machinery and Packaging Machinery: Purchasing used labeling machinery, sealing, and packaging machinery will definitely provide a path to lower machinery purchase costs- and it will feel like a great deal. But watch out- you could be setting yourself up for huge costs that far outweigh any savings you thought you might make by […]

Making Re-Purposed Glass Packaging Possible with Induction Sealing and SealerOn™

Induction Sealing Glass The appeal to pack into glass is well documented. Those seeking products in glass are looking for product that is not tainted by plastic contact.  They are looking for purity in the product and most likely align themselves with the goals of environmental awareness and sustainability. If packaging can be recycled, that […]

LabelOn™ Mini Synergy – Accuracy of Application – Five Times Spot On

We’ve got you covered In the smallest of spaces! Two of the most difficult production line problems faced can be finding the room and finding the budget for equipment to accurately place labels onto your product. Check out our new LabelOn™ Mini Synergy Range: These are Power House pieces of labeling equipment that can sit […]

There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills – Or Should I Say Green

Medical Marijuana (MMJ) is a rapidly growing industry and continues to look like an attractive option and a smart move for manufacturers to service. With all that’s happening in this new pioneering gold rush we have the behind-the-scenes processes of product packaging to help make your products stand out on shelves at dispensaries. We also […]

Global Sourcing: How It Can Help Your Business and How Adeneli Can Facilitate it for You?

What is Global Sourcing? Global sourcing is a means by which international purchases of materials, processes, supplies, and various technologies are procured by an organization as part of a core procurement strategy. With the demand for goods at an all-time high, the competitiveness among businesses looking to supply that demand is now more than ever. […]

Self Adhesive Labeling Machines

Our Label-On™ range of labeling equipment has two ranges: 1.1 LabelOn™ Basic.  This is an entry level budget range of equipment with focused applications and very easy operation.  This range is designed for the growing businesses that have outgrown hand and bench-top label applicators  and would like to step into automated in-line labeling equipment without […]

Cap Lining Materials and Liner Insertion Machines

Adeneli is a supplier of tamper-evident, cap/closure lining materials. Being a small company, we view ourselves as possessing a natural advantage to be more responsive and flexible compared to our competitors. Our mission is to provide our customers with very high levels of responsiveness and flexibility in our offerings, along with identifying their packaging needs […]

Induction Sealing and Heat Sealing Machines

Adeneli is very proud to present the MeRo and SealerOn™ range of induction and heat sealing equipment which take on jobs dependably, securely and are conveniently serviced. Together with CE safety accreditation for LV and EMF that is often missing with almost every other low priced induction sealing equipment, this certification is definitely essential for […]