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Making Re-Purposed Glass Packaging Possible with Induction Sealing and SealerOn™

Induction Sealing Glass The appeal to pack into glass is well documented. Those seeking products in glass are looking for product that is not tainted by plastic contact.  They are looking for purity in the product and most likely align themselves with the goals of environmental awareness and sustainability. If packaging can be recycled, that […]

Treating Induction Liners as Contents

Food Grade Induction Liners Big Brand Cosmetic and Food Companies value their product being produced in Western Countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The UK, Germany and France. For example, a Salt Scrub that says produced in Canada carries a lot more appeal to clients and Brand owners alike than a product that […]

Cap Liner Types and Functions

A cap liner is a piece of material that sits between the cap and the bottle. Its traditional primary purposes are to offer proper sealing of the product to prevent leakage and optionally to provide tamper evidence. New technology is now turning this humble piece of packaging into a multimedia gateway for brands to reach out to their consumers […]

Caps with Liners

Caps and Closures As we deal with so many cap manufacturers we are able to source and supply you with the cap and cap lining material combination you are looking for without the need to separately supply you with cap lining material. The caps are supplied from cap manufacturers for whom we have an established […]

Cap Lining Materials and Liner Insertion Machines

Adeneli is a supplier of tamper-evident, cap/closure lining materials. Being a small company, we view ourselves as possessing a natural advantage to be more responsive and flexible compared to our competitors. Our mission is to provide our customers with very high levels of responsiveness and flexibility in our offerings, along with identifying their packaging needs […]