Meet Tim

Recently, our Support Manager, Tim Semic, reached a milestone in providing support to our customers: 1,000 support calls.

Color Label Solutions’s Support Manager-Tim
You may have read some of Tim’s previous posts.

Tim’s first call entry was May 7th, 2015; about 2.5 years ago.  When I learned of Tim’s call milestone, I asked, “what do you remember from your first call logged?”  According to Tim, “My first call was from a large beverage company and I remember being a bit nervous. The problem turned out to be a bug in the C3500 printer driver software that I was able to resolve by uninstalling and then reinstalling it using the Epson Install Navi. The Epson Install Navi is a more comprehensive installer and is helpful in installing label printers onto an Ethernet network. I have found that certain problems can be resolved by reinstalling the printer driver.”  Having never trained or worked as a Network Manager, I find these support situations the most difficult.

C7500 Install Navi
Install Navi 
I also thought immediately, how many calls did you take prior to starting a call log?  Tim said, “I took about fifty calls before I started logging them. At first, all I logged was the problem, but later for reference I noted what the fix was too.” Initially, I did a lot of the support calls.  But now Tim handles almost all of them.

When I provide support, I get frustrated easily; as I want to provide the answer to the issue quickly.  Given my personal experience, I asked Tim what he does not to get frustrated.  “If I begin to feel frustrated, I know it’s time to take a break.  I don’t want to burden our customer with this feeling. I just take it one step at a time and enjoy the work.”  Good idea.
But some calls are difficult.  I asked Tim what was his worst support call.  Tim said, “My worst call is any call where I find a hardware failure. I like to be able to solve problems for our customers.  When a device has a hardware failure, I can’t fix this kind of problem over the phone.  I have to give my customer the bad news. Depending upon the problem, the device may be unusable until it has been repaired. That’s not the kind of resolution that I hope for when I take a call.  Machines and electronic devices are susceptible to failure. Ask yourself this, if a device you own fails, would that be an inconvenience or a catastrophe?  If the answer is catastrophe, you should have a plan in place for when that device fails.  All mechanical and electronic devices will eventually fail.  It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when, so please be prepared.”  Good advice Tim.  
But for the difficult calls, you get great calls as well.  I asked Tim what was the call that you provided the most support.  According to Tim, “I helped a chemical company set up their printing system.  After the setup was completed, I went on to create PDF format labels for them over the course of a year.  That on-going support was great as it allowed me to form a relationship with the customer.” 

Tim continued, “Also, I recently took a call around 10 p.m. at night, where the customer was planning on just leaving me a message.  We wound up working together that night to set up his new label printer.  We finished up slightly before midnight.  He was very grateful for the late night assistance which allowed them to be up and printing the next day.  I was happy to help.”  All I can say it, thanks Tim for great customer support!  You’re raising the bar for us high!

At Color Label Solutions, we provide technical support to our customers, both initially to get them printing quickly and easily; and anytime they need additional help.  And we help them navigate the break/fix process when their printers need repair.  If you need a label printing solution, purchase from someone like us that is available to help when needed.
Guy Mikel