Meet Lacy

Meet Lacy, not only the Controller for Color Label Solutions, (,

Lacy With Her C7500
But also the person who prints samples for our new customers.  Let me tell you more about Lacy and her printing responsibilities.
After joining us this year, Lacy began to work immediately to learn the business.  As we send print samples out to customers and prospects almost every day, Lacy came to see how important this activity was to our business.  While I was traveling, Lacy asked if she could help with printing label samples.  When asked why she wanted to learn this aspect of the business, Lacy said, “To gain a more rounded knowledge of the company, and understand better the products we offer.”

So of course I said great; and left almost immediately on a trip after spending a few minutes with Lacy on how to produce labels with the different printers.  She did work with Tim, our Support Manager, to some degree as well.  But according to Lacy, “to learn how to print labels, I read user manuals, watched YouTube videos and just learned from trial and error.”.

One Of Lacy’s Printed Labels
On this project, Lacy printed thousands of labels for a customer.  Watch the video of the labels printing.  Very fast, full-bleed and high print quality.

So far, Lacy says the easiest aspect of label printing was using the C7500.  “The C7500 seems to just be a much more user friendly printer, at least for a novice like myself”, says Lacy.
And the most difficult I asked?  I remembered her frustration with the L301 at first.  What was difficult about using this printer? Lacy says, “Initially, I had some technical glitches from learning on the fly.  Most of the issues were getting the artwork aligned properly on the labels.  Once I figured out how to print full-bleed labels on the L301, it was easy to do.”

To read about using the L301, read here:

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Having Lacy able to print label samples and runs for customers and prospects has been a great relief for me and our company.  Plus all of the staff tell me she prints labels swearing a lot less than I do! (OK, network issues drive me crazy when I’m trying to get samples shipped prior to the end of the day).

Lacy’s new found skills at label printing demonstrate that anyone with some dedication and patience can learn the technics around printing color labels on-demand.  Let us help you begin printing color labels on-demand.  You’ll find it easy as well.
Guy Mikel

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