Complete Print Shop

Postmark ( showed their new CMYK printer at the Franchise Services Expo July 27 and 28 in Long Beach.  Combined with their fixed feeder, Postmark calls their solution the Complete Print Shop.

CMYK Printer With Fixed Thickness Feeder
CMYK Printer With Fixed Thickness Feeder
With the fixed thickness feeder, you can print a wide variety of items that are difficult to impossible to print with normal printers.

Watch the new CYMK printer and Fixed Thickness Platform run here:

And print Coasters:

On-Demand Color Coasters
On-Demand Color Coasters

Coffee Sleeves:

On-Demand Color Coffee Sleeves
On-Demand Color Coffee Sleeves

Paper Bags:

On-Demand Color Bags
On-Demand Color Bags
Thick Menu Cards or Shelf Talkers:

On-Demand Color Cards/Shelf Talkers
And other items such as envelopes, bubble envelopes, napkins, small boxes, etc.  Pretty much anything paper you can now print with the fixed thickness feeder and the CYMK printhead.
You may remember we showed an earlier version of this device at WestPack 2017:

and a slightly different version at WestPack 2016:

From my perspective, the biggest difference with the latest iteration is the software.  Now, Postmark has integrated the Navigator RIP from Xitron:

With this software, now you can print PDF’s easily; and get better print quality.  Plus the workflow seems much easier to use.  The Navigator RIP is a big step forward in ease of use of the CMYK print engine.
In addition to the new RIP, Postmark has reconfigured the printer; eliminating the need for hoses, wires and connectors.  This new configuration makes it much easier to set up and run.
The 4” CYMK printer, Fixed Thickness Feeder and RIP costs approximately $20,000.  The 8” version costs approximately $25,000.
If you need to print a wide variety of “thick” items; or you want to add a new source of income for your printing business, contact us to discuss how the CYMK print engine and Fixed Thickness Platform would work for you.
Guy Mikel