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SQOTS Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue

The brand SQOTS™ comes from the first two characters of the word SQUARE together with the last three characters of the term DOTS. Self Adhesive Square Dots or SQOTS™ are clear, square, self-adhesive bits of glue or gel, almost 0.4 mm thick. SQOTS™ Clear Square Dots or Tiles of Glue are an essential tool for […]

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Global Sourcing: How It Can Help Your Business and How Adeneli Can Facilitate it for You?

What is Global Sourcing? Global sourcing is a means by which international purchases of materials, processes, supplies, and various technologies are procured by an organization as part of a core procurement strategy. With the demand for goods at an all-time high, the competitiveness among businesses looking to supply that demand is now more than ever. […]

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Self Adhesive Labeling Machines

Our Label-On™ range of labeling equipment has two ranges: 1.1 LabelOn™ Basic.  This is an entry level budget range of equipment with focused applications and very easy operation.  This range is designed for the growing businesses that have outgrown hand and bench-top label applicators  and would like to step into automated in-line labeling equipment without […]

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Cap Lining Materials and Liner Insertion Machines

Adeneli is a supplier of tamper-evident, cap/closure lining materials. Being a small company, we view ourselves as possessing a natural advantage to be more responsive and flexible compared to our competitors. Our mission is to provide our customers with very high levels of responsiveness and flexibility in our offerings, along with identifying their packaging needs […]

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Cap Liner Types and Functions

A cap liner is a piece of material that sits between the cap and the bottle. Its traditional primary purposes are to offer proper sealing of the product to prevent leakage and optionally to provide tamper evidence. New technology is now turning this humble piece of packaging into a multimedia gateway for brands to reach out to their consumers […]

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Filling Machine and Heat Sealing Machine Turnkey Packaging Line

Below is an example of a Turnkey solution for filling and packing creamed honey. A three Lane Piston Filler and Heat Sealing machine was combined for packing creamed honey.  Watch our Filler and Heat Sealer Machine in action:     Fully Automated Filling Machine Features The machine feeds empty tubs into three lanes of an […]

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